Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Utter Absurdity of Life

Because you are defined not by life's imperfect moments, but by your reaction to the them.  And because there is joy in embracing - rather than running screaming from - the utter absurdity of life ~ Jenny Lawson

Life can be chaotic, even without the prospect of chasing a dream.  Add a dream journey to the mix and life can be really messy - and fun at the same time.

A few new episodes of "Oprah's Masterclass" aired recently on OWN. I love hearing about the different people chosen to talk about their experiences for that show. It's interesting to hear that most of the celebrities chosen to speak about their lives tend to talk more about what learned during adversity than what they experienced during a high point in their lives.  Oprah's two episode Masterclass was a perfect example of that.

I'm feeling a bit of the utter absurdity in my own life right now.  A Place to Call Their Own is going through its first round of edits on its way to publication in July.  I am trying to get Disappear with Me edited and ready for submission in the early summer.  And I'm finishing up my noting and getting ready to start writing my third novel, The Higher Law.  On top of all that I am more active in my church as a ruling elder and attending a weekly critique group.  And allergies are killing me this year.

And I know it's all temporary.  Eventually it will all be easier to juggle along with a full time job. 

Do you enjoy the chaos that your dream journey sometimes brings?


  1. Hi Dean,
    Most of the time I do enjoy the chaos of the writing life...but lately I find myself drowning in the marketing world, trying to keep my networking fresh and not spammy, all the while keeping up with editing and writing. I'm nearly ready to publish book two in my Ravenswynd series, (just waiting for the artwork for the cover) and I'm working on a "book-trailer" for this book now too.
    Weeks like this...I just miss the days when all I had to do was WRITE! :P
    Good luck with your submission!
    And if you have time, check out my new website!
    (do you have one yet?) I promise to visit it, if you do!

    1. Sharon - it does sound like you're busy and it sounds like your writing life will become mine in July when A PLACE TO CALL THEIR OWN is released! I will definitely check out your new website.