Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Right Place, Right Time

I'd be unbelievably wrong to say there isn't such a thing as the right place, right time -- luck ~ Charlize Theron

Are you always prepared to proclaim your dream journey to the world?  I am now after messing up on Saturday afternoon.  I attended another writing seminar on Saturday afternoon and the instructor asked me what my novel was about.  I panicked because I'm really working on three novels right now, so of course all I was able to croak out was "historical."

Earlier in the seminar, the instructor said we should all consider ourselves writers.  She explained that those of us who wanted to make a living from writing should be telling me people that is our occupation.  So I had two things I was not prepared for, until now.

After Saturday's debacle, I vowed to never be in that position again.  I am prepared to tell anyone who asks that I am a writer and that my current project is about social change in Edwardian England. 

Are you prepared for your dream to take off in the right place and right time?

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