Sunday, May 26, 2013

Action and Inaction

Our actions -- and inaction -- touch people every day across the globe, people we may never know and never meet ~ Katie Arnold-Ratliff

Even after I was done with traditional school, I still yearn every year to be done with work for the summer.  Seriously, after being done with school for twenty years, for whatever reason, I feel like I need to take the summer off. 

Maybe it's because my dad was a school teacher?  Maybe it was my involvement in direct sales and talking about how flexible direct sales could be over the summer with kids out of school.

But this quote really resonates with me this morning, during the weekend of the first leisure weekend of the season.  I have a lot of work I'd like to get done this year on my writing.  Editing on Disappear with Me isn't going as quickly as I'd like it to, which is cutting into writing time on The Higher Law.

I even mentioned to my critique group that maybe we should meet every other week over the summer, and someone told me they needed the weekly deadline to keep on track with their own writing.  And it struck me that I need this weekly deadline this summer as well. And now I can't wait to use some of the extra time this weekend to move forward with my goals.

Are you planning to forge ahead on your dream journey this summer or will you take it easy?

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