Saturday, May 18, 2013

How Good is Your View?

If you never play, you will never lose, but you won't win either.  If you never climb a mountain you will never know for sure how good the view is ~ Ed and Deb Shapiro

How good is the view from where you're at right now?  I have to say, my view is incredible!  I just completed the first round of edits on my first novel, A Place to Call Their Own.  It will be released on July 5th by Musa Publishing. 

I am also workshopping my second novel, Disappear With Me.  What I mean by workshopping is that I've been involved with a critique group who gives me feedback each week.  Slowly but surely, my writing is getting better with each week's round of feedback.

What about you?  Are you enjoying your view or are you yearning for more?  Kudos to you if you have started your dream journey and are on your way.  If you haven't started your dream journey, it's not too late to accomplish something this year.  You still have six months to achieve some goals in 2013.

What do you see from your view right now?

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