Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Imagination of Others

Here's to the imagination of others when it inspires our own ~ Jill Badonsky

I love it when I see or hear something and it inspires an idea for either my writing or marketing my books.  Just the other day at work, a co-worker blew over the top of their pop bottle and made a sound and that reminded me of something I could put in a novel idea I'm working on.  My character should fashion a flute out of reeds and play it. 

When I was in direct sales, I loved going to the monthly meetings and learning what the other reps were doing to book more parties, make more sales, and recruit folks.  Again, the imagination of others inspired me to try their ideas and try some of my own. 

No matter what your dream journey is, I think it's important to seek out others in the same community that are also on your same dream path.  I think we can learn so much from another person, and, in turn, share your ideas as well.

What have you learned from someone lately or shared with others?  I'd love to hear!

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