Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trust the Process

I am patient and satisfied with one small step and I trust the process ~ Jill Badonsky

Do you ever get impatient that your dream journey isn't coming along like you want it to?  I felt that way for two years and now everything seems to be falling into place and working out just fine.

After taking four years to write my first novel, I wrote my second one in four months.  Now, I have proven to myself that I can write a novel and I know how long it might take me to write the first draft.  Now that I have those two small steps down and the first novel edited, I can slow down on the third novel.

But before I was able to slow down, I had learn about the creative process and what worked for me.  Once I hit that comfortable stride of 5000 words per week, I had to keep going on the second novel so that I could prove to myself I could write another first draft within a more reasonable amount of time.  Now that I have those small steps "mastered," I can slow down on the next novel and focus on editing the second manuscript and submitting the first one to small publishers and agents.

I know it can be frustrating when your dream journey doesn't got within the time frame we originally set, but if you trust the process and celebrate the small steps, you'll eventually get there.

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