Sunday, March 24, 2013

Engaging the Social World

Engaging the social world without empathy is like going to the mall without any money or pants on; it can be done, but you're bound to have problems ~ David Finch

I am finishing up my application for the Lambda Literary Foundation's Emerging Writers Retreat later this summer (wish me luck).  This meant preparing a "biography and artistic statement" about what it will mean to me to be accepted for the this retreat.  Yes, this harkens me back to the college application days.

One of the things I think I would gain from the conference is the chance to network with other LGBT writers.  Although I have a lot of online friends and contacts, I rarely get the opportunity to meet and talk with people in person. 

Community is important no matter what your dream journey.  Finding friends to celebrate successes, ask for advice when the going gets rough, or share ideas just helps me keep going some days.

What does community do you for you on your dream journey?

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