Saturday, March 16, 2013

You Are Alive

I see now that beneath it all was a feeling I didn't want to admit to myself.  It felt like relief.  Relief because for so long I was working to prevent just this from happening, the falling and falling apart, but when it actually happens, you realize that once spilled, your life never goes back the same way.  It isn't supposed to.  It's only then that you know you are alive, and that despite the uncertainties, you will survive ~ Melissa Coleman

Are you a prisoner of your own dream journey and dream goal?  Have you entered reluctantly into a dream journey just to realize how liberating it was for you?

When I started selling Tupperware, I entered into it reluctantly.  But once I started and joined the community, it seemed like that was my goal and my destiny.  Thankfully I stuck with it, because most of what I learned about achieving dream goals I learned while in Tupperware.  Soon, I will be a published author.

Did you start your dream goal reluctantly only to find out how much you loved it?

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